What’s up, November?

– What Happened

My October was dominated by two 700+ page doorstop fantasies. I found it a little tricky to review The Desert Prince since I really loved one of the main characters, but the rest of the plot didn’t really stick with me. Empire of the Vampire, my first ever Kristoff read, was really enjoyable, but my review turned out a bit of a mess. But that’s why I review other people’s writing and don’t write my own writing!

I did manage to squeeze in a couple of short audiobooks. Fairytale tellings don’t normally interest me, but Burning Roses is a very cool take on Red Riding Hood. Damage is an interesting short story told from the perspective of a sentient spaceship in the midst of a moral dilemma, and Small Monsters was, well, disturbing. But it’s an interesting exploration of themes of abuse.

– The Damage

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November is #SciFiMonth once again!! I haven’t signed up formally, but I’m already enjoying seeing the posts roll in.

I started To Sleep in a Sea of Stars in early October but started to lose interest a bit over the halfway mark. I picked it up again a few days ago and quite enjoyed it, so I’ll give it a second chance.

I’m also doing a reading of Dune with the lovely Imyril and Lecari. So I should really get on that!

What will you be reading this month?

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  1. Oh, your preorders looks like mine, I keep forgetting how many I have on order! Don’t tell the other half. And good luck with the Dune read.

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