What’s up, October?

– What Happened

Well, September ended and nobody woke me up.

I’m kinda happy with the amount of reading I was able to do this month, and it was even rather mixed medium!

I read and reviewed Iron Widow, a book I’ve been looking forward to for what seems like forever. It did have pro’s and con’s for me, but overall I really enjoyed the story, and I have high hopes for the sequel.

I also finished listening Princess Floralinda and the Forty-Flight Tower on Scribd, which has been my nominated housework audiobook for a couple of weeks. This novella is proof that Muir really knows how to manipulate language. The story itself I loved, then loved not so much, and then loved again. If you’re into retellings of fairytales, this is a quality one that questions your classic Disney tropes in an interesting way.

Next I read A Psalm for the Wild Built, which was a fifth anniversary gift from my partner. It wasn’t what I expected, but it was still quintessential Chambers optimism. A very millenial kind of story, and one that made me tear up. You got me again, Becky.

Finally, while taking a break from the massive tome that is The Desert Prince by Peter V. Brett, I listened to The Devil in America by Kai Ashante Wilson, having adored his novella A Taste of Honey. This was also a housework audiobook, and at 1hr 39mins, I think I would have been more immersed had I read it instead. It was great to read more of Wilson’s recognisably pared down prose, but I think this concept deserved more pages.

– The Damage

I’m so excited about these books! Arghh! And I purchased two complete trilogies, so technically–TECHNICALLY–I that only counts as 2 buys. Plus the Rajiniemi/Wecker books I’ve been paying off over four months, so that counts as.. 0 buys. So actually, 11 books this month!

Ebook Purchases

Physical Books and Pre-Orders

– What’s Gonna Happen –

I think I’ve been saying this since August, but I’m ALMOST at the end of my review copy TBR, with these beauties still to finish:

After that, I shall take great delight in reading whatever book tickles my fancy!

I’m thinking I might start with some books on my ‘spensive shelf’. That way, if I don’t love them, I can sell them on (and use the money to buy more books).

What will you be reading this month?

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2 thoughts on “What’s up, October?

  1. I think I bought a copy of Princess Floralinda! Now I’m curious to read it. You new books/pre orders look so good! I bought a lot last month too😁

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