What’s up, September?

Sooo I completely forgot that a new month means a new monthly reading update! And THAT means going through my emails to see how much money I’ve spent on books recently.

As usual, someone seems to have hacked my accounts and purchased an ungodly amount of books for me to add to my UTBR (unlikely to be read) pile.

– What Happened

I’m actually really happy that I was able to finish three decent-sized novels this month, all very different from each other!

I’ve been really looking forward to reading The Book of Accidents by Chuck Wendig, having heard a lot about the author and the book. I’ve also read a couple of disappointing horror stories recently, so this novel came along at a perfect time! You can read my review here.

My second book of the month was The Hand of the Sun King which I enjoyed, but didn’t think it quite lived up to the hype.

Lastly, I read The Second Rebel, Linden A. Lewis’ follow-up to her debut The First Sister. It was inteeeense. Review to come soon!

– The Damage

Okay so I don’t feel too bad since three of these were sold as sets, so technically I only made 17 purchases. Totally normal.

Also, I now only need to find a copy of The Dragon Reborn to complete my 1st/1st UK Wheel of Time set 😍 It’s been a lot of fun collecting these over the last couple of years, as opposed to just thrusting my money at Goldsboro before they sell out of a special edition and people sell them on for 3x the price because ‘that’s what book collecting is’ 🙄 </rant>.

Ebook Purchases

Physical Books and Pre-Orders

– What’s Gonna Happen –

September is an exciting month because I now only have FOUR review copies to read! I stopped requesting through Netgalley a few months back so I can go back to reading whatever the heck I want, when I want (which I could have just done all along–book blogging is weird like that). I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll keep posting reviews beyond this, but I’m definitely excited to get back in the dusty depths of my TBR shelves/piles/trip hazards without any commitments.

P.s. Started Iron Widow, its freakin’ awesome.

What will you be reading this month?

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4 thoughts on “What’s up, September?

  1. Definitely feel you on the stopping requesting Netgalley copies. I didn’t request that much stuff to begin with, but haven’t requested anything at all in months cos of a few books started piling up that I just didn’t feel in the mood to pick up. When I say ‘a few’, I mean two books lol, I’m nowhere near as bad as a lot of people who seem to just request everything and read none of it. Stressing about Netgalley percentages isn’t something any of us need in our reading lives.

    You’ve bought some cool books this month; Velvet is the Night is one that’s been grabbing my attention lately too 😀

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  2. I never keep track of my book purchases, maybe I should start doing that?? Last month was pretty scary and I had absolutely no restraint, lol. For example, I have two different preorder editions of Empire of the Vampire on the way🤣 Hope you have a fantastic month Jake!

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  3. It’s a scary thing to do haha! I thought it would stop be from buying so many but that doesn’t seem to be the case 🤷‍♂️ ooh awesome I have two copies coming too, hoping to read it soon! Hope you’re well 🙂


  4. Yeah think when the initial novelty of getting an early release wears off, it’s more appealing to just read whatever you want. I’ve been chipping away at my Netgalley requests for a couple of months, and I’ve read some great books but it’s not as fun when you’re reading is all planned so far in advance! Plus, my main reason for joint Netgalley was for free books, but before I started my blog I’d buy maybe 3-4 books in a year 😂

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