What’s up, June?

Initially I had planned to keep my blog quite minimal and stick to only posting book reviews (I’m sorry if I’ve ignored your blog event!), however I’ve realised that there is enough happening next month to warrant an update post. So please, read on! @JDRoberts_SFF from The Worlds of Sci-Fi & Fantasy has organised theContinue reading “What’s up, June?”

Feathertide by Beth Cartwright

Feathertide is a heartfelt coming of age story written in the style of a fairy tale, making it a perfect next read for fans of Naomi Novik or Katherine Arden. Marea is born with a unique trait of mysterious origin – golden bird feathers covering her body. As a girl, her mother convinces her thatContinue reading “Feathertide by Beth Cartwright”

The Animals in That Country by Laura Jean McKay

The Animals in That Country is a (weirdly prescient) book that takes place at the onset of a viral flu pandemic. However, instead of developing a questionable sense of grocery store etiquette, those infected with the virus develop an ability to communicate with animals. The story follows Jean, a wannabe park ranger who has aContinue reading “The Animals in That Country by Laura Jean McKay”

The Girl and the Stars by Mark Lawrence (Book of the Ice 1)

I’m a Mark Lawrence virgin. There, I said it. But The Girl and the Stars caught my attention as it has a similar setting to Megan Lindholm’s (Robin Hobb’s) amazing Reindeer People duology. I only have two regrets. The first, that I left it so darn long to pick up one of Lawrence’s books. TheContinue reading “The Girl and the Stars by Mark Lawrence (Book of the Ice 1)”